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Dreaming cars

When Mazda asked us to reveal its first electric car to the world there was just one problem – it wasn't finished. Our solution? Harnessing Hollywood-standard SFX to put a CGI car on the road before it was built 

Preparing for launch

For the debut of Mazda's very first electric car – the MX-30 – the Japanese car manufacturer needed a powerful launch film for the forthcoming Tokyo Motor Show. They also wanted accompanying photography to drive sales in press releases, dealer brochures, global sales manuals and to use across their websites and multiple social media platforms. Redwood was tasked with creating the first images of the car for its launch. There were just one tiny issue: there wasn't a model available to shoot. Also: Mazda would need the launch film and photography ready within eight weeks – at odds with the long lead times agencies are traditionally granted before a car's launch. We relished the challenge. 

In the driving seat

Mazda's brief was to emphasise that this was a car for open-minded individuals. Therefore, we built the campaign around the concept of openness, and headed to the expansive streets of Slovenia to shoot the Mazda CX-30, which shared the as-yet-unbuilt car's wheelbase. By using cutting-edge, Hollywood-tested, 360-degree CGI filming techniques, we would then transform the CX-30 into the MX-30 in post-production. 

A roaring success

Mazda was impressed with the outcome – in their view, Redwood had set a new standard for their CGI, with our work forming the backbone of Mazda's above-the-line campaign. To further the reach of the campaign, we also used the CGI builds we’d banked to create additional assets to share via their customer magazine and on socials, reaching even more Mazda customers – and building brand excitement well beyond launch.

Redwood drives Mazda's first eco-car campaign

Mazda MX-30