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Driving advocacy

Powered by petrolheads, Mazda Stories is a global customer loyalty platform that doubles as a storytelling engine for social channels. Our authentic approach to joyful driving stories steers car launch narratives worldwide

A passion project

Mazda Stories is a category-leading customer loyalty programme that has run for more than a decade on a reliable fuel – passion. Our brand newsroom has a pure petrolhead core – authentic automotive expertise that runs so deep our creatives often appear behind the wheel and in front of the camera for true driving stories like our Night At The Museum brand film. And passion has proved infectious – with brand research showing that around 90% of the Mazda Stories audience would recommend the Mazda brand to a friend.  

An unconventional spirit

Whether it is a small Mazda2 defying gravity around a ‘Wall of Death’, an epic Asia-to-Europe road trip in a Mazda3, racing convertible supercars in an MX-5 with a faster hard-to-soft-top speed or simply admiring the stunning Vision Coupe, our brand newsroom has always found ways to live up to Mazda’s ‘defy convention’ brand position. It’s this playful and joyous driving content that fuels social and PR channels worldwide. 

A launch partner

Redwood’s visual storytelling, narrative sensibility and deep brand understanding has seen our position as preferred launch partner accelerate in recent years. We produced all ATL photography for the CX-5, created global assets for the CX-30, Mazda2 and Mazda3, and produced two brand films for live launches at the Tokyo Motor Show. And for Mazda’s first-ever electric vehicle we devised ‘Open’ – a launch platform and film that introduced the MX-30 to the world long before it was road-worthy through cunning CGI.

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Mazda Stories magazine

"We’ve worked with Redwood for a decade. They're passionate and have a great understanding of our brand"

Hiromi NagataSenior Manager, Brand Strategy Dept. Mazda Global HQ, Hiroshima, Japan

MX-30 Open

"For 10 enjoyable years, the Redwood team has conceived creative ways to engage Mazda’s avid owners and fans"

Heather BoutcherManager, Brand Communications, Mazda Canada