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Transforming content

As global content agency for HP Workstations, we created integrated campaigns targeting key decision-markers in the IT sector as well as high-end prosumers of laptops. By rapidly scaling sector expertise in a wide variety of target verticals, we powered a brand-pivot to Account Based Marketing through credible thought-leadership

A digital transformation 

With a higher percentage of B2B buying journeys moving online, global sector leader HP needed a marketing overhaul – from traditional channels and sales materials to a targeted, ABM-style approach with content at the core. HP Workstations selected Redwood as a trusted strategic partner in this transformation, creating integrated campaigns in US, EMEA and APAC as well as running stakeholder workshops, conducting content audits, building messaging frameworks, defining TOV, designing lead gen journeys and leading pilot projects.

A deep dive

By identifying and recruiting IT sector experts and influencers on a global scale we were able to create original thought-leadership research on subjects as diverse as VR, security, office design and the post-Covid pivot. Designed to drive data capture on site, these interactive reports positioned the brand as a true futurist with a clear view on all the topics that mattered. We then distilled the thought-leadership into both modular sales materials and sharp social assets designed to drive decision makers to HP.com.

A rolling revolution 

With end users increasingly driving enterprise-level purchase decisions, HP realised they needed content credibility not just in IT and technology – but in all target verticals. This meant leveraging our Storyteller Network to rapidly scale sector expertise in industries ranging from architecture to media to data science. From podcasts to live webinars, we then find the right format to bring expertise to life and recruit expert journalists in target markets to transcreate stories into multiple languages.