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Building influence

To launch HP’s new premium PC range and boost brand credibility with smart professionals, we shepherded 6 influencers for a 6-month global ambassador programme, transforming product tests into epic true stories

Finding the global cast

Z by HP was a new top of the line laptop, workstation and monitor range designed to take a bite out of Apple. We identified the core of the target audience was creative professionals – a niche ‘prosumer’ with disproportionate influence. With a live event debut in just a few weeks’ time, the race was then on to identify and recruit six global ambassadors who could stand on stage at key industry events to launch the HP Z range.

Balancing the output

Our true story approach to influencer marketing rests on finding the balance between authentic, real-time output on influencer’s own channels and crafting master campaign content for paid and brand channels. By challenging our six creative influencers to spend time making art their own way with the HP Z range, the right balance came naturally – adventure photographer Jody MacDonald even took her laptop to Alaska.

Influencing the long-term

Comprising six months of content – including hero films shot in five countries – HP Workstations’ biggest and most ambitious influencer campaign had a lasting influence on how the brand thought about influencer marketing. Originally conceived as supporting content, our client loved the films so much their success informed the Z by HP advertising in the US, laying the groundwork for future product campaigns.


Case Study film


"Redwood inspire confidence: they're proactive, work tirelessly to tight timelines, and nail the synopsis."

Katie NaumanHead of Global Marketing, Z by HP

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