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Raising interest

As a long-term, trusted content partner to Barclays, we’ve applied our award-winning live newsroom model across its entire business, from Retail to Barclaycard, guaranteeing the bank its decisive edge in publishing speed.

A brief history

For more than a decade, Redwood has been a trusted partner for Barclays, working across all areas, from internal comms to integrated consumer campaigns. We’ve created long-form documentaries for the exclusive clients of Private Bank, data-driven infographics for Barclaycard owners and interactive Instagram stories for business customers. We have also helped Barclays’ corporate leadership bring broader brand commitments to life, such as its workplace diversity campaign HeForShe.

A live impact 

Beginning in 2015, our award-winning ‘Editorial Board’ newsroom model has played a key role in building content capability and a publishing mindset within Barclays. Our insights and stakeholder management continue to shape social output today and we also run live newsrooms every budget cycle. This proven rapid-response process gives Barclays first-mover advantage when it comes to getting out next-day social comms – especially critical in uncertain scenarios such as those presented by Brexit and Covid.

A real movement

Over the past few years, we have helped Barclays’ retail side open up further through consumer campaigns spotlighting emotional true stories over simple financial motivation. Our Bank of Colin comedy short, for example, pinpoints the personal sense of control that comes from making sensible financial choices. To help Barclays thrive in social, we have also explored authentic influencer partnerships on Mumsnet, built search hubs around key life stages and orchestrated micro-targeted, multi-variant campaigns on Facebook.
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