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Thinking and doing

As B2B content partner for Google, we client co-create thought-leadership reports and integrated campaigns on topics from martech to diversity, delivering projects simultaneously for any channel, from the US to APAC

A second brain

Google is Redwood’s latest rapid-growth account. What began as below the line content help for YouTube with a new B2B campaign in 2018 is now a multi-market, through-the-line brief with both Google and YouTube that spans always on social in the US to ambitious brand campaigns in the UK. For Google and YouTube, Redwood’s Creative Studio model offers the mighty mix of thinking and doing so that we can respond to any brief in any market with newsroom speed.

An integrated solution

Think With Google is the digital home for brand research, including the thought-leadership reports we design and produce. But to reach decision-makers where they live we champion a social-first, solution-agnostic approach – which is why we turned Think itself into a beautiful artbook targeting C-suite execs. This agile delivery culture is only possible because three-quarters of team roles are directly involved in creative production, which means a higher percentage of all client spend goes into the work.

A creator culture

With 75% of the Google team involved in asset production, the clients talk directly to the creatives at every stage – reducing friction and turnaround time. And by embracing Google’s own productivity platforms we can now collaborate with the client transparently and in real-time. On Google Slides, we track our response to any brief on a presentation we call a “living deck” because it changes so rapidly and has so many people contribute to it – it is more like a client and agency community than a standard agency response process. It is this can-do, co-creation culture that is core to our Creative Studio model.


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