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Big and fast

Google's biggest brand campaign of 2020, powered by Redwood. Our intention? To reveal how Google reviews can revive local businesses. The outcome: two TV-ready films created within 11 weeks. We pivot at speed.

A more agile approach

From its summer brief (‘shine a spotlight on how Google helps local business’) to its subsequent TV bow in late October, Dear Local was delivered by our Creative Studio with remarkable speed. By shaping the creative and shooting the films in-house - often simultaneously - we delivered two TVCs and more than 130 supporting assets with more speed and efficiency than a traditional agency model. 

A more authentic style

Alongside newsroom agility, the client chose Redwood for this campaign because our storytelling authenticity matched the brief – and this moment in culture. After identifying Heavyweight Champ Anthony Joshua and national treasure Sheridan Smith as ambassadors, we shaped True Story treatments through extensive local research and talking to the talent about their hometown haunts. We then wrote “scriptments” that saved enough space to capture spontaneous interactions on the 1-day semi-documentary shoots.

A national platform

An authentic local story that feels small and personal enough for social but still hits all the beats of big brand advertising, Dear Local was originally conceived as supporting social content, but Google loved the hero films so much it went on to become their biggest campaign of 2020. Results to follow.

Anthony Joshua for Dear Local

Selection of Dear Local adverts for Facebook

Sheridan Smith for Dear Local

Selection of print ads for Dear Local