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Winning hearts and minds

As agency partner for Google’s Brand and Reputation team, we work with influencers big and small to create social-first campaigns that show how Google’s products and services help families and communities – a commitment that was especially important during 2020.

A new approach

Google’s helpful products and services are designed to make good on brand commitments that include Protecting Users, Expanding Opportunity, Including All Voices and Responding To Crises. In the UK in 2020 these commitments were more than important than ever – not only was the economy rocked by Covid but global brands had been challenged by the Black Lives Matter movement to show more leadership on diversity.

Ascending new heights

Google’s landmark prominence across UK culture and media meant that widespread impressions of the brand were fixed. So how do you transcend public perceptions once they’re already established? Redwood had the answer: by emphasising to Google’s Brand and Reputation Team that by switching from slick ad messages to True Stories with real people and influencers they could create an even greater trust in positive tech impact.

A primetime breakthrough

After a +43% YOY increase in positive sentiment from social micro-influencer campaigns, our ‘True Story’ approach was seen as the best way to tell Google’s business recovery support story. This led to the heavyweight Dear Local ad campaign – starring boxer Anthony Joshua and actress Sheridan Smith – as well as a full Time Out ad takeover for Black Pound Day that also underlined the brand’s ongoing commitment to expanding opportunity.

Dear Local


Black pound day