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Aston Martin logo

Turning heads

12 months, 11 A-list photographers, 500 pages, £2000 cost, 5kg weight – with Aston Martin: The Book, we took a bold, fashion-first approach in order to transform the veritable British car company into a luxury lifestyle brand

Back to the future

The brief from Aston Martin was to celebrate their storied past, possibly with a history book. At the same time, the premium car company needed to pivot towards luxury lifestyle ahead of a possible IPO. With heart-stopping vehicles but middle of the road marketing and mini-sized budgets, Aston Martin needed a silver bullet. Our solution? Turn a dry heritage brief into an ambitious art project that would stake out a sharp new visual identity even as it paid tribute to the past.

High fashion, low cost

As the James Bond of car brands, we spied an opportunity to weave Aston Martin into the world of high fashion. And by offering some of the world’s best fashion photographers creative freedom on a truly exclusive product, we were able to secure A-list artists at low editorial rates: Ellen Von Unwerth, Rankin, Chen Man, Nick Knight, Anton Corbijn, Anton Watts, Bryan Adams and many more. The epic project then took 12 months to complete, with 11 shoots on three different continents.

Beyond the book

An instant sell-out with existing customers, the real legacy of the book was the edgy fashion-forward legacy it left on marketing. Redwood was immediately engaged to work with one of our contributors Nick Knight on a campaign for the new DBS Superleggera. The dark, muscular, industrial short film Knight created represented a bold, leap forward for luxury car ads.

Case study film

Kristian Schuller - Raw power

Ellen Von Unwerth BTS - Exclusivity


Nick Knight - The Future

Nick Knight: Superleggera launch film