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Smarter launch

The Covid-19 pandemic meant Mazda could not unveil their new hybrid plug-in SUV, the Mazda CX60, at a motor show. Instead, Redwood BBDO launched it online with a hero film that felt like a live event

Shooting in a pandemic

Mazda asked Redwood BBDO to create a launch film and 500 other assets for the CX60. The plot was simple: a slow reveal of the car followed by footage of the car performing “in the wild.” Mazda asked Redwood because of our expertise in shooting pre-launch cars in multiple public locations in secret – with speed and efficiency. In this case, there was one slight hitch. The Covid 19 pandemic was raging and Japan was closed to visitors. Redwood BBDO would have to direct the video shoot remotely from London. The time delay from London to Japan? Nine hours.

Fine-tuned for launch

For six weeks, Redwood’s creative team worked through the night to ensure the shoot went smoothly. Viewing a live feed from his London office, creative director Dan Froude was able to fine-tune the film. He called shots, adjusted camera positions, and asked to reposition the car  – all from the other side of the globe.  The 60-second film teased small elements of the car - offering a glimpse of a wheel or a headlight. Next, Redwood BBDO films explored the craftsmanship of the interior or exterior design and how the car drives. Finally, Redwood BBDO revealed the entire Mazda CX60 at a temple.

Two million views

In the lead up to the campaign launch, Redwood BBDO’s teaser clips attracted over two million views in Europe.  Redwood created a huge volume of different assets for the shoot. Each of those assets was cut down or cropped for different aspect ratios to be used on social, on Mazda’s website, and given out to press and PR. In all, Redwood BBDO delivered 500 assets. The hero 10-minute film became the centrepiece of the launch itself - drawing online audiences into a dramatic, rich experience that felt like a live event.

"Redwood’s creative team worked through the night to ensure the shoot went smoothly"