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Thinking small

As the social agency for engineering giant Arup, our role spanned brand strategy, community management, distilling technical reports into snappy and immersive ‘micro thought-leadership’ pieces, and boosting engagement and referral traffic.

A social challenge

As the big brain behind some of the world’s most iconic buildings, Arup was not short of compelling true stories – indeed, the thought-leadership reports produced by the engineering giant had long been seen as key to lead generation. However, despite significant follower numbers, engagement on social channels was low and referral traffic to a shiny new digital home for those reports were minimal.

A new approach

Our strategy was to persuade Arup that short-form didn’t have to mean shallow. We mined deep thinking for the hidden headlines and human angles that would drive engagement on social. We then leveraged native formats on key channels to create immersive stories that felt rewarding in-feed and also increased intrigue around the full report. All this resulted in a 40% increase in social engagement and a 15% rise in overall site traffic. More importantly, because this referral traffic comprised qualified leads, 1 in 3 visitors downloaded a report, leading to invaluable data capture.

A digital bridge

Arup is admired for its real-world engineering solutions, but faces growing competition from consultants for its digital expertise. By running stakeholder workshops, we were able to break a two-year internal impasse and create a consensus around a new digital services blueprint. This new brand was launched with a category-challenging video that used the concept of flow to fuse the digital and physical worlds.

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Shaping tomorrow'

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