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Hair caring

Global haircare leader Sunsilk is a purpose-driven brand that hopes to inspire girls everywhere to explore every opportunity. But for this noble ambition to reach its own full potential they needed a social playbook that would help all markets live the purpose consistently on social

Opening up possibilities

Sunsilk isn’t just a haircare brand, it’s a brand that cares deeply about the future of NEET (not in education or employment) girls everywhere. But when they asked us to drive greater engagement within their target communities, this meaningful purpose wasn’t being effectively or consistently communicated in the one place they can reach young women on a global scale: social. 

Keeping it simple

Redwood’s approach to purpose-driven marketing is to define an authentic space that fuses product and purpose and a consistent publishing cadence that allows the brand to be always-there – in the social channels and calendar moments where audiences need them most. For Sunsilk, this meant creating a roster of always-on social franchises — covering purpose, product and their broader commitments to people and planet — that would help build brand equity by engaging with their audience through their passions as well as their ambitions.

Making it real

Rather than just produce another strategy document that global markets might not activate, our solution was to create a clear and concise social playbook that included fully developed feed-ready assets for key channels and campaigns. The combination of simple, useful rules and inspiring content examples gave markets of every size the ideal starting point to create a full calendar of effective, meaningful conversations with their Sunsilk sisterhood on social.
Mobile phone displaying Sunsilk social messaging
Mobile phone displaying Sunsilk social messaging