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Platform thinking

As lead agency for YouTube Advertising in the US and UK, we sell marketing to marketeers through social, integrated campaigns. As recent global events moved the world online, our influencer content gave YouTube a louder voice

A true story

When YouTube Advertising asked us to support their More Than Just Viewers platform in the UK, our first thought was to find viewers who lived up to that ‘more than’ promise – viewers like professional wrestler Lex Mayhem who taught herself to wrestle by watching videos on YouTube. It’s this proof-based ‘true story’ approach that helps us navigate the tricky terrain of selling marketing to marketeers.

A seamless approach

To sell advertising platforms to decision-makers in ad markets like the UK and US, you need to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. By crafting deep content and sharp advertising simultaneously, we create campaigns that flow through the line seamlessly. From a Broadway-billboard takeover for the annual Brandcast event to daily organic social, our “Seed, Support and Sustain” model ensures that the key messages are always-on and still peak at the right time.

A social event

When Covid forced live events off the stage in 2020, YouTube needed to rethink its approach to Brandcast if it wanted to break out of the pack at NewFronts, the highly competitive annual festival for internet brands. We created excitement and entertainment by crafting 125 highly targeted assets, and built organic reach through 150 prepared posts for celebrity influencers and executives. By carefully blending personal stories and key messages the campaign was relevant, authentic and, above all, effective: with YouTube taking #1 share of voice versus rival platforms at NewFronts.

More than just viewers