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Search and rescue

Retail giant IKEA was losing out when it came to organic category search. By building data-driven content hubs on IKEA.com, we improved search rankings, helping capture even more valuable prospects for brand priorities

A search gateway 

The online home of real-world retail giant, IKEA.com had long relied on name recognition for traffic. But, facing a five-year plateau in branded search, it was clear that IKEA needed to rethink how it competed in category search. Content on IKEA.com was unstructured and largely unmapped by search engines. By creating thematic content hubs aligned to consumer needs and seasonal search trends we reduced search conflict, increased story visibility and shifted the client towards an ‘always-there’ publishing mindset.

A page one result

Just six months after our content hubs launched the search page ranking, shifts were emphatic – with target keywords that previously failed to position on Google’s page one all now inside the top 5 returned results. And because we were bringing in high propensity prospects, on-site conversion for visitors that came in through our search-optimised content pages was twice as high as other site visitors. Our evergreen room hubs were so successful we used search data to build feature pages around more editorial topics like Sleep and Summer.

A kitchen experiment

Growth in high-value kitchen retail was a key focus area for IKEA – both for online visits, and in relation to IRL footfall to their flagship planning studio in London. As well as helpful SEO articles, our kitchen hub content showcased a hero-animated video designed to make a visit to the planning studio feel delightful and playful. Again, the results tell the story – versus control pages on IKEA.com that did not optimise for search, our kitchen hub saw a 433% growth in revenue and a similar spike in transactions.


IKEA webpage on desktop monitor

Boosting virtual footfall for Ikea