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Making brand partnerships better together

How do you sell a phone and laptop simultaneously to Gen Z? By wrapping single-minded product marketing inside three eye-popping, wise-cracking tales of modern love to win hearts and minds.  

Two devices made for each other

As part of Google and Samsung’s Better Together partnership, the Galaxy Z Flip5 phone works seamlessly with Chromebook laptops to make ingenious features possible, including instant selfie-syncing and device-to-device web browsing. Inspired by this perfect synergy, our idea was to transform the phone and laptop screens into portals between the two devices, creating a striking visual motif to illustrate just how effortlessly the Samsung and Google tech works hand-in-hand.

Selling points and story combine

Using creative camerawork and VFX trickery across VoD, YouTube and social spots, we told the story of Kai and Ruby — a couple using two devices to live life better together. Each spot was built around the product features, combining a problem-solution framework with entertaining narratives, quality comic performances and high-energy direction. In three date night stories, we demonstrated no less than nine different product features across two devices, each solving a real-world challenge to help the path of true love run that little bit smoother.

Delivering effectiveness for both brands

Our classic tale of boy meets girl meets seamless device ecosystem connected with a savvy Gen Z audience to achieve strong results for both brands and devices, with KPI-busting uplifts in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and Google Chromebook consideration.