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Rapid delivery

During Brexit and Covid, we built FedEx Europe an integrated newsroom to provide responsive, agile, rapid-turnaround thought-leadership content and advertising to reassure business customers facing global challenges.  

Integrated creativity

Redwood’s agile Creative Studio has been integral to FedEx for five years. By remaining solution-agnostic, we help the European team in any number of ways from brand positioning and social content to larger campaigns. And when FedEx needed an up-to-the-minute key messaging framework to guide customers through the integration of the TNT business, Redwood was the natural partner. 

Brand newsroom

This newsroom model was soon to prove useful as export customers in both Europe and the UK struggled to follow the implications of the dynamic Brexit negotiations. By developing a robust strategic platform and flexible production process, FedEx was able to deliver confidence through deep, pre-planned content faster than its rivals – and engage prospects on social through bespoke explainer content, like our animated shipping film. Redwood made the complex simple.

Next-day campaign ideas

Covid created yet more challenges for customers, but by this time our FedEx newsroom was so efficient we were able to respond to a B2B brand campaign brief with 10 fresh ideas within 48 hours. The ‘Doing Things Differently’ ad was then produced in-house, with a smart no-shoot solution that blended existing assets and stock footage to create a TV ad that felt premium. So premium, in fact, that it was rolled out across 32 markets, aired during prime slots including during the NHL – and became the centrepiece of the brand’s sponsorship of the ‘Made on Earth’ documentary series broadcast on BBC Worldwide.
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Doing things differently

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