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Better engagement

How could Lipton Ice Tea breakthrough to Gen Z in their biggest European market with a modest budget? The ideal ice-breaker.

Sharing the sunshine

Every summer, Lipton Ice Tea brings out Limited Edition "smile" bottles that encourage young people to "share sunshine together." As social creative-content agency our task was to build buzz in target channels with a campaign that captured the feeling of summer and encouraged sharing. Our insight was that Lipton Ice Tea needed an ice-breaker to bring people together. Our creative was based around the old schoolyard game of Truth or Dare.

Reducing the risk

Playing a game of Truth or Dare in public is a risky business - so we recruited a dozen Gen Zers for a two-day workshop to build bridges and test boundaries. Working closely with our Gen Z panel, we built an interactive campaign based on a list of questions that could create fun debate – without dividing the room. Despite a modest budget and a tight timeline, we then lured acclaimed Gen Z director Kevin Morosky to shoot six, ten-second summery social ads.

Winning the game

In France, Lipton's primary European market, Truth or Dare is the best-performing "Limited Edition" campaign ever, with over 300,000 users interacting with the game.  The commercial was such a success on social, Lipton immediately asked Redwood to shoot additional material to turn the campaign into a TVC for core European markets.

"Truth or Dare is the best performing ad for Limited Edition bottles ever"