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Electrifying a new social franchise

Convincing young buyers to truly consider an EV is a long and bumpy road. Our solution was an influencer-led real-world YouTube series, delivering answers to millions of prospects

Purchase problems

Path-to-purchase for cars is both extensive and extended, causing potential EV buyers to hesitate, due to concerns with technology, range anxiety, charging availability and more. Hyundai had already created a film series of technical explanations to help prospects, but they wanted to turbocharge potential EV car buyer engagement, whilst simultaneously drawing in a wider (and younger) audience, as they tackled the most common concerns raised about going electric.


To better inspire prospects into EV consideration, Redwood developed a new YouTube series that answered these concerns in a real-world context. A wide range of talent and Influencers were recruited for their natural on-screen presence, audience credibility, car knowledge and the ability to amplify Hyundai’s core messages out to their social channels and large audience base. We also blended in real customers and prospects to help bust the EV myths and answers the key questions, while EV experts ranging from a Guinness World Record holder to one of F1’s most experienced reporters. Six episodes were created to an incredibly tight deadline. Filmed in various locations in Germany and Norway, a variety of real-world scenarios were shot to demonstrate the clear benefits of the IONIQ 5 and 6 models. The episodes were tightly edited to give a set of pacey, entertaining but informative episodes that led viewers to Hyundai’s website for a deeper dive into the cars.

High-performance results

With more than 21m views of the YouTube episodes in the first month, high positive-sentiment scores and engagement rates on Influencers’ channel much higher their normal rates, IONIQ Talks exceeded all expectations and the episodes have been translated into multiple languages to achieve even wider exposure.
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