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Dulux wanted to refresh their advertising so that it performed better in social channels. Our simple solution? Put authentic category influencers at the heart of a Dulux campaign for the first time.

A fresh approach

Dulux’s Simply Refresh is paint you can apply with one coat. After a traditional TV-focused launch for its first year, Dulux now wanted to target Simply Refresh at younger decorators. This meant a digital-first ad campaign that could appeal to a late 20s and early 30s audience that was starting to become interested in interiors, but lacked confidence in how best to decorate. Research showed how to express your style in your home mattered to this group – and that four kinds of decorators were lurking within us all. Adventure-seekers were confident and preferred bright and unexpected styles. Calm curators wanted their spaces to be a sanctuary. Those who identified as preferring tradition-with-a-twist favoured tried and tested combinations. Creatives wanted something bespoke in their home.

Warmth and authenticity

Having identified four decorating types we needed to find the best way to engage each target group. Our solution was to identify and recruit social media influencers who could be the perfect ambassador for each decorator persona. Our quartet of influencers included Tamara N’Diaye, who ran homewares company La Basketry and Abby Hugo, a DIY enthusiast. By approaching our influencers as co-creators and a core part of the campaign team, we gave each influencer creative freedom to decorate four different room sets in their own style, with their own approach. The result was a genuine warmth and unscripted authenticity that made this campaign a category stand-out.

Leading the way

Shot in two days, Redwood produced a full suite of ads for each target segment including a 60-second hero video with all four ambassadors, 15-second videos featuring each individual influencer and a suite of unskippable “cut downs” for social channels. Since this was the first time Dulux had used influencers to lead a campaign, we even captured “making of” content for Dulux.com. Acting as lead agency, Redwood BBDO co-ordinated Dulux’s media, talent, and PR agencies to create the perfect roll-out for this influencer-led campaign.

"It was the first time Dulux had used influencers as central to a campaign"