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Dulux logo

Classic painting

Introduced into the UK in 1931, Dulux is 90 this year and, as the long-term content partner of AkzoNobel globally, we couldn’t let the anniversary of this great British brand go uncelebrated. So, we proactively pitched a colourful and covetable coffee-table book that grew into an epic social history.

A vibrant history

We produce every format for this global decorating giant from gifs to infographics – but the 90th anniversary of Dulux in the UK called for some extra special colour. Our creative team decided to pitch a full-sized, coffee-table book including nine chapters, one for each decade. Full of beautiful archive imagery, the book would also provide a useful jumping off point for modern consumers with 99 colour codes making it easy to recreate the look of any era. 

A conversation piece

We picked a key shade for each decade and commissioned colour stories from nine notable experts. Whether it’s Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen talking about the power of purple, or design guru Michelle Ogundehin reflecting on the significance of pink, these highly personal think pieces take the book beyond a catalogue of colour and turn it into an exceptional read. 

A luxury finish

After seeing a preliminary flat-plan, Dulux decided to go bigger and better, adding more pages and increasing the size to a lavish 29 x 29cm format. The result is both a beautiful celebration of paint through the ages – featuring a luxurious mix of vintage marketing material, inspiring interiors and contemporary graphics – and a fascinating social history tracing Britain’s changing relationship with colour. Oh, and there’s also lots and lots of the Dulux dog. It wouldn’t be a shaggy dog story without him.