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Revealing Beyond

Barclays Private Bank needed to turn the heads of some of the world’s most hard-to-reach wealthy investors - so we created a series of films, podcasts and articles revealing the extraordinary cutting edge opportunities for those able to ‘See Beyond’.

Leading the market

In a sector laden with samey investor content, we pushed hard to lead with stories that would generate real excitement and deliver on the bank’s brand promise: ‘See Beyond’. We created original in-depth documentary stories to turn heads and identify transformative investment possibilities. 

Seeing Beyond

We worked with specialist journalists to uncover true stories about emerging boundary-pushing advances. From a post-pandemic drive towards genetics-powered precision medicine, through to breakthroughs helping us live beyond 100, and expose’s of how 3D printing of organs and mind-controlled robotics, these stories were designed to shift perceptions about and drive campaign leads.

Elevating leaders

The content we created spanned multiple formats from documentary films and CGI videos through to in-depth articles, white paper reports, print magazines and social animations. We even created a podcast series, ‘Real Estate Realities’ about the prime property opportunities in global cities. This brought together Barclays thought leaders with local market experts through a life-style lens. The hero films meanwhile generated great engagement from a notoriously hard to impress audience – indeed despite a deliberately selective audience total views for the films was than 1.25 million.

Montage of Barclays Private Bank projects

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